W-41 t-shirts connect random people with you-把妹必備科技

If you’ve ever wished you could email a girl you thought was cute that you saw once in real life, you’ll like this new technology. W-41 allows for you to access the person’s facebook, myspace, blog or whatever else she has registered to this site. How it works is you would have to have the technology downloaded onto your phone, then when you see someone wearing the t-shirt with the logo you’d have to take a picture of it. Keep in mind you’d have to be close enough to do this.
If you want other people to be able to find you, you’d have to buy some of their clothing. They have three different shirts for guys and three for girls. One of the down sides is that yes, you could meet some new people this way, but you could also get a few creepy emails as well. There is also the annoying factor of knowing that someone is likely going to attempt to take your picture on their phone. Then if you don’t live in a large city, it’s highly unlikely anyone will know what the strange symbol on your back means. Either way, it’s still a cool way to meet new people. The shirts aren’t too expensive, but still a little pricey t-shirts are $49 and sweatshirts are $56. Thedownload for you phone is completely free though

如果你有這種經驗,那相信你一定愛死了這項新科技,W-41讓你可以取得她的facebook、myspace、部落格或者是任何她曾經註冊過的網站。怎麼做呢?首先,你必須在手機上下載w-41的程式,之後,當你在發現有人穿著這款有W-41 logo的衣服時,趕緊把logo拍起來!(注意,要在一定的近距離才有辦法拍成功。)


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