Vertical Blinds With Embedded LEDs -超酷的百葉窗簾影燈

應該有許多人習慣利用百葉窗營造出自己私密的小空間,那麼我想這款由Yoon-Hui Kim以及Eun-Kyung Kim設計的太陽能百葉窗簾概念燈應該會大受歡迎。



As someone who relies on vertical blinds to keep his home in a constant cave-like atmosphere, I can see the benefit of this Solar Vertical Lamp concept designed by Yoon-Hui Kim and Eun-Kyung Kim. The vertical blinds are embedded with a matrix of white LEDs which can be illuminated to produce glowing lamp-like shapes. Obviously the effect looks pretty cool, but the LEDs are also powered by a battery which is recharged by the sun during the day since the outward facing sides of the blinds also serve as solar cells. In theory the blinds should be able to provide plenty of ambient light during the night, without adding any costs to your electric bill.


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