The Colour Phasing Shower Light-轉吧!七彩蓮棚頭!

The colour phasing shower light works exactly like the previous version but instead of featuring two colours, this new one features four, which lets you know the varying temperatures of the water.
Here’s the specs.
A shower head with a temperature controlled light so you need never burn your bottom again.
Easily installed – just screw it into any standard shower hose.
Temperature changes from green (when the temperature is less than 32C) to red (at more than 45C).
The phasing colours in between are blue, orange, purple and pink.
Water pressure should not exceed 5bar.
Avoid dropping the showerhead or striking it against hard objects.
Suitable for all ages (young children should be supervised).
Size: 24 x 8.5 x 7cm.

* 蓮棚頭溫度控制燈提醒你現在的水溫
* 安裝容易,只要把現有的蓮棚頭換下即可
* 溫度標示可以從32度(綠燈) 到45度(紅燈)
* 水壓不得超過5bar
* 避免碰撞
* 適合闔家使用
* 尺寸:24 x8.5 x7公分
小波許愛插嘴:這肯定是交通警察發明的!不過相信台灣汽車旅館應該會馬上跟進吧 😳


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