The $10,000 Sonic Chair -有錢沒地方花?買張30萬的椅子吧!

閒錢太多沒地方花嗎?這裡有個讓你馬上燒30萬的好方法,那就是購買這張奢華的$onic Chair!!!

來自德國, 這張造型看起來相當酷炫的椅子在靠背中內建喇叭,同時你也可以再添$1,200美金(39,000台幣)選裝iMAC螢幕。
小波許嘀咕:比我們家高島按摩椅還貴的Sonic Chair,恐怕只有身價x億以上的人會毫不眨眼的給它敗下去吧。

If you have a lot of spare cash laying about, and fancy splashing out on an expensive chair, then check out the Sonic Chair which retails for $10,000.
This cool looking chair has integrated speakers in the backrest and your can even add an optional iMac too it for an extra $1,200.
The Sonic Chair is available now for $10,000 from


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