Nintendo sees overseas DSi launch by next summer-DSi有望於明年夏季於美國上市

Nintendo’s tip-toeing around an overseas, US release date of its new DSi handheld has now been narrowed to the summer of 2009, according to president Satoru Iwata. That’s a whole lot better than “well into” 2009 if you ask us. Meanwhile, Japan gets theirs starting Saturday for ¥18,900 or about $192 tax-inclusive — that’s up from $178 earlier this month thanks to a skyrocketing Yen. Nintendo has already shipped 200,000 of the slimmer, dual-cam handheld consoles in preparation for weekend sales with another 100,000 planned for the following week. Clearly there’s no such thing as an economic slowdown in the land that Mario built.

根據總裁Satoru Iwata的說法,美國DSi將提前於2009年夏季上市。比先前說2009年上市,這個消息實在好太多啦!然而,日本上市時間則為本週六,價格在18,900日幣或美金192含稅,比這個月才178美元報價還要來的高。(因為最近日幣飆漲)。為了這周的首賣,任天堂已經鋪了20萬台更輕薄、雙攝影機的Dsi,並且於下周準備了10萬台備貨。這說明了在馬力歐一手打造的世界裡,沒有經濟不景氣這件事情。

小波許:那台灣上市日期呢QQ 會不會和wii一樣一拖再拖啊???!!! 💡


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