new MicroSD card reader; go get it girls-粉3C是王道阿

Looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend? Want to make her sing your praises? Then the new product by Greenhouse is just the perfect gift for your sweetie, a heart shaped, pink microSD card reader! This is one gadget girls simply must own. Not only does it let you flaunt your techno side, it also helps you look stylish and cool. So say good-bye to boring black and welcome the new color of technology, Pink! This cool card reader is compatible with microSD (2GB) and micrSDHC(8GB).

正在找尋最棒的禮物給心上人嗎?要她拿到後可以驚呼然後對你刮目相看嗎?Green House的這款新產品就是最讚的禮物拉!愛心形狀,粉紅色的microSD讀卡器!這絕對是女孩們一見就愛的小玩意。它不僅讓你走在科技的尖端,同時更能彰顯你可愛的流行品味。所以快告別你那些黑色平凡的讀卡機,並歡迎新分紅科技!這款卡哇依讀卡器與microSD (2GB)和micrSDHC(8GB)相容 。不幸的是很少人了解這個綠屋MicroSD卡閱讀器。

小波許愛插嘴:所以阿~男生送禮物指南一定要來問小波許的啊! 每天慎選1樣可愛好物! 包你把妹一定上勾阿!!


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