Mintpad: Passing notes goes digital -這年代誰還要玩傳紙條?!

The Mintpad is a curious little device. A tiny little screen that you carry around, it takes the age-old practice of passing notes into the digital realm. How is that different from texting or IMs? Simple — the Mintpad’s a tablet, letting you write directly on the screen with a stylus instead of using a keyboard. It doesn’t recognize handwriting, but it will send the original note, in full color and complete with bad penmanship, to your recipients via Wi-Fi.

The catch? You can send the notes only to other Mintpad owners. Still, it’s a fun feature on an otherwise everyday portable media player/Web browser/camera with 4GB of memory. Although the $156 Mintpad is only available in Korea, we wouldn’t mind seeing its abilities put into some kind of iPhone app.

Mintpad真的是一個發噱的新產品,超迷你的螢幕方便你帶著趴趴造,並且用最原始的手寫筆記方式輸入轉換成電子訊息。這和簡訊或即時消息IMs有啥不同呢?? 首先,平版記事本造型,讓你可以直接用觸控筆手寫(而非敲著超小的鍵盤慢慢打字)。沒有辨識文字的功能,而是直接將你寫的鬼畫符東西,經由Wi-Fi寄出去。

不過誰能收到呢? 你只能夠傳給和你同樣擁有Mintpad的使用者。但是這還是比其他日常攜帶的多媒體用品(MP3/web小型瀏覽器/相機)等來的新鮮多了。雖然價格不怎麼可愛(美金$156)且只在韓國上市,但我們衷心的希望這樣的功能在未來可以加在iPhone應用程式中。嘿嘿




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