Lego Safe – 積沙成塔,積木成…樂高保險箱!

總是有些怪咖可以利用樂高組合成各式各樣有趣的玩意兒,這回是小波許看了直呼可愛! 超可愛的樂高保險箱!

快把貴重物品放進這個Mindstorms NXT保險箱吧!保證連神偷都無法破解! 這個重約6.5公斤的保險箱有一個電子密碼鎖,五組兩位數密碼鎖,一共有305億種密碼組合。保險轉盤(左手輪)會識別方向,因此同樣是數字35,往左轉和往右轉仍是不同的。想打開這扇樂高之門嗎? 你有305億分之一的機會!


It amazes me that people are always coming up with new and interesting uses for Lego, the latest is the Lego Safe.
Put away your valuables in this Lego Mindstorms NXT Safe and nobody ever can get even close to it! This 6,5 Kilogram heavy weight SAFE has an electronic code lock. Five double digit codes are required to open the lock. The dial (left-hand wheel) is direction sensitive. Thus 35 to the left is something else than 35 to the right. Only one out of more than 305 Billion code combinations is unlocking the door!

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