iBangle: Fantastic future iPod-下一代的華麗ipod-iBangle

When it comes to iPods and other MP3 players, not much has changed about them in the past few years. Sure, the memory is getting better all the time, but the design is the same: they clip on the belt and the obligatory wired earplugs.
This iBangle design concept is a little bit daring as the design fits right on your wrist instead of clipping to your belt. Don’t let its loose look fool you, the iBangle won’t easily slip off like other “clip-on” MP3 players. Apparently, that tiny blue button that you see in the illustration somehow fills the blue area with air, so it fits snug, but hopefully not too snug.
As for the earphones, forget about it! The audio sound is transmitted via wireless earbuds. So how do you navigate through tracks, you may ask? Just use the multi-touch track pad.
Now, if only it had a way to play video files. Perhaps a screen could be put on it, and the iBangle could pass for a watch.
Too bad this iBangle remains only a concept from designer Gopinath Prasana. Apple, this could easily be the next big thing for MP3 Players, so please feel free to put one million iBangles into production.

對於ipod及MP3這類產品領域來說,這幾年來沒有什麼大改革。當然,容量總是越來越大,但造型設計卻總是了無新意:夾在背帶上、有線的耳機。天啊!不要再被這種容易脫落產品玩弄拉~蘋果推出iBangle絕對不會像其他「夾式」MP3一樣容易脫落。從圖片上可以很明顯的看到,那個像藍色按鈕的設計可以讓藍色區域填滿空氣,如此一來帶起來會很舒適, 不過希望不要太軟才好。XD


可惜iBangle現在還是在概念設計階段(設計師為Gopinath Prasana)。蘋果阿~~這樣產品恐怕一定會顛覆MP3的傳統,所以放大膽直接量產100萬台吧~~



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