How would you change Sony’s PSP-3000? 怎麼捨得放下PSP-3000呢

We first caught wind of a slightly revamped PSP months ago, and the long-awaited handheld — complete with a new, fancier and in some cases more dreadful display — finally hit US shelves this month. For those that picked one of these up and have spent some quality time digging into the latest firmware, how are you liking things? Particularly for those that upgraded, are you pleased with the new build? Are you being plagued with those mysterious screen problems features? Could you stand to see a few more things tweaked for the PSP-4000? We suspect there will be quite a few mixed messages flying in this one, so let’s get those comments rolling.

幾個月前才剛聽說PSP有些微的調整,現在期待已久的掌上機終於到手拉!全新、更酷炫並且更狂暴的畫面表現,終於於本月在美國上架拉。對於那些已經巴忘許久且已經耗費上許多時間在挖最新韌體的阿宅們,你們開心了嗎?尤其是那些一拿到手就馬上更新的傢伙們,對於新機種還滿意嗎?正為那些詭譎的螢幕問題功能而困擾著嗎?你們是否要抬起頭來看看未來將發行的 PSP-4000呢?我們大膽預料未來將有許多關於這些繪聲繪影的消息,管他的~就讓謠言滿天飛吧!




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