Domo-Kun Painted Xbox 360 – 多摩君上身的Xbox 360

從日本出身的Domo Kun (國語譯:多摩君) 很爭氣的紅到美國去,幾乎無人能夠抗拒他那可愛的血盆大口。

於是腦筋動的超快的DeviantArt網友設計出來多摩君Xbox 360,不僅主機整個多摩君附身,甚至連手把都很一致的穿上招牌咖啡x紅色。家裡擺一台這樣的Xbox,實在是讓人愛不釋手,好想一直把玩阿~~

小波許有話想說:公司的型男就很愛多摩君,所以說他是不是男女通吃呢? ㄎ

So maybe Domo-Kun’s lost a little bit of his appeal now that he’s become more mainstream here in North America, but how can you resist that bizarre brown block of razor-sharp teeth? Clearly deviantART user ‘Ricepuppet’ couldn’t, and so created this custom Domo-Kun themed 360 for their sister-in-law. They even went as far as to customize the 360’s controller to match the console’s brown and red paint scheme. Now I don’t know if ‘Ricepuppet’ does this type of thing for a living, but I suspect they’ll be getting a mountain of requests for this particular paint scheme.


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  1. 這配色還真特別啊~即使造型沒變,但塗裝改了之後,完全不像原本的360!

    小波許回應:對阿! 感覺這種可愛的東西擺在家裡整個就是很酷! 阿祥快點自己塗拉~不然我幫你塗好了@@