Sony and Universal launching POP vending machines-Sony什麼都賣,什麼都不奇怪!

Sure, downloading songs and movies is easy these days (even when done legally), but what if you don’t have a computer or internet connection? “How would I be reading this post, then?” you might ask. Fair point, but there must be dozens of other people out there with portable media players yet no way to fill them, and for this market Sony and Universal have partnered to create POP, the “instant entertainment 24/7” vending machine hitting the UK this holiday season. Unlike other boxes that sell media players, this one sells content to fill them, downloaded straight to a memory card, flash drive, PMP, or other (USB-supporting) portable device. You can also purchase media-based content on DVD and Blu-ray if you like, games too, all of which “pop” out shrink wrapped and in full retail garb. Being able to buy a Blu-ray disc at midnight on a dark corner sounds mildly interesting, but with no mention of file formats or DRM or anything else, you won’t find us sticking our memory cards into this thing’s slots anytime soon.


小波許愛插嘴:這樣的市場…在台灣應該是超小眾吧@@ 但挺酷的就是了! 哈 😆


Nintendo sees overseas DSi launch by next summer-DSi有望於明年夏季於美國上市

Nintendo’s tip-toeing around an overseas, US release date of its new DSi handheld has now been narrowed to the summer of 2009, according to president Satoru Iwata. That’s a whole lot better than “well into” 2009 if you ask us. Meanwhile, Japan gets theirs starting Saturday for ¥18,900 or about $192 tax-inclusive — that’s up from $178 earlier this month thanks to a skyrocketing Yen. Nintendo has already shipped 200,000 of the slimmer, dual-cam handheld consoles in preparation for weekend sales with another 100,000 planned for the following week. Clearly there’s no such thing as an economic slowdown in the land that Mario built.

根據總裁Satoru Iwata的說法,美國DSi將提前於2009年夏季上市。比先前說2009年上市,這個消息實在好太多啦!然而,日本上市時間則為本週六,價格在18,900日幣或美金192含稅,比這個月才178美元報價還要來的高。(因為最近日幣飆漲)。為了這周的首賣,任天堂已經鋪了20萬台更輕薄、雙攝影機的Dsi,並且於下周準備了10萬台備貨。這說明了在馬力歐一手打造的世界裡,沒有經濟不景氣這件事情。

小波許:那台灣上市日期呢QQ 會不會和wii一樣一拖再拖啊???!!! 💡


延伸閱讀:「粉新聞」新的玩具又來誘惑人~NINTENDO DSI -15Fun


W-41 t-shirts connect random people with you-把妹必備科技

If you’ve ever wished you could email a girl you thought was cute that you saw once in real life, you’ll like this new technology. W-41 allows for you to access the person’s facebook, myspace, blog or whatever else she has registered to this site. How it works is you would have to have the technology downloaded onto your phone, then when you see someone wearing the t-shirt with the logo you’d have to take a picture of it. Keep in mind you’d have to be close enough to do this.
If you want other people to be able to find you, you’d have to buy some of their clothing. They have three different shirts for guys and three for girls. One of the down sides is that yes, you could meet some new people this way, but you could also get a few creepy emails as well. There is also the annoying factor of knowing that someone is likely going to attempt to take your picture on their phone. Then if you don’t live in a large city, it’s highly unlikely anyone will know what the strange symbol on your back means. Either way, it’s still a cool way to meet new people. The shirts aren’t too expensive, but still a little pricey t-shirts are $49 and sweatshirts are $56. Thedownload for you phone is completely free though

如果你有這種經驗,那相信你一定愛死了這項新科技,W-41讓你可以取得她的facebook、myspace、部落格或者是任何她曾經註冊過的網站。怎麼做呢?首先,你必須在手機上下載w-41的程式,之後,當你在發現有人穿著這款有W-41 logo的衣服時,趕緊把logo拍起來!(注意,要在一定的近距離才有辦法拍成功。)


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How would you change Sony’s PSP-3000? 怎麼捨得放下PSP-3000呢

We first caught wind of a slightly revamped PSP months ago, and the long-awaited handheld — complete with a new, fancier and in some cases more dreadful display — finally hit US shelves this month. For those that picked one of these up and have spent some quality time digging into the latest firmware, how are you liking things? Particularly for those that upgraded, are you pleased with the new build? Are you being plagued with those mysterious screen problems features? Could you stand to see a few more things tweaked for the PSP-4000? We suspect there will be quite a few mixed messages flying in this one, so let’s get those comments rolling.

幾個月前才剛聽說PSP有些微的調整,現在期待已久的掌上機終於到手拉!全新、更酷炫並且更狂暴的畫面表現,終於於本月在美國上架拉。對於那些已經巴忘許久且已經耗費上許多時間在挖最新韌體的阿宅們,你們開心了嗎?尤其是那些一拿到手就馬上更新的傢伙們,對於新機種還滿意嗎?正為那些詭譎的螢幕問題功能而困擾著嗎?你們是否要抬起頭來看看未來將發行的 PSP-4000呢?我們大膽預料未來將有許多關於這些繪聲繪影的消息,管他的~就讓謠言滿天飛吧!




We know they’re hitting the streets, and we’ve already seen some unboxing pics and a nasty gutting, but we felt we needed to give Sony’s new PSP-3000 the proper Engadget treatment. As you can tell by the photos, there’s not much new here, though as you should know, the guts are where it’s all going down (new screen, built-in microphone). Still it never hurts to take a close look at a shiny new toy… so enjoy yourselves in the gallery.

現在最夯的莫過於即將問世的PSP-3000,截至目前為止我們已經找到一些開箱照以及肢解圖,但我們深刻認為該給Sony PSP-3000一個癮科技式的對待。從照片上你可以清楚看到,PSP-3000和前代並無什麼大更動。ㄟ~眼尖的您應該會發現,PSP-3000換上新螢幕內建麥克風。反正挖這些新鮮玩意的消息永遠不讓您無聊…所以,沒事多看看吧! :mrgreen:


Today’s New Words:
hit the street -現正流行、發燒
going down -要你好看


It’s true — we’re suckers for anything that simultaneously satisfies our lust for robotics and brings back childhood memories of passing the day with Disney films. To that end, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to swoon over WowWee’s latest stroke of brilliance, the $39.99 FlyTech Tinker Bell. Entirely more rad than that soulless Bladestar, this here fairy promises to posses that same spirited sassiness as the Disney character, and the flower wand remote control really caps things off. She can buzz around and delight guests for 4-minutes on an 18-minute charge, and her “crash-resistant materials prevent her from getting into mischief.” Oh wait, it’s appropriate for Earthlings ages 6 years and up? Huzzah!

別懷疑你所見的—我們總是對那些滿足我們對玩具狂熱以及帶領我們回到兒時迪士尼影片記憶的玩意兒情有獨鍾。 為此,當我們發現這款WowWee最新出品-39.99美元的婷兒飛行玩意時,驚為天人!比起Bladestar更為活靈活現, 婷兒仙子保有如同在動畫彼得潘內的唯妙唯肖角色氣質,設計團隊並運用花棒造形設計遙控器。這玩意只須充電18分鐘就可在你身邊翁翁飛舞長達4分多鐘,而特殊的耐摔材質可以保護她不受損壞。這是指適合年齡須為六歲以上嗎? 好耶~